Chryssanthi Kouri

Director, Writer



Chryssanthi writes screenplays, theatre pieces, short stories and articles. She started the blog The Quiet Voice Of A Loud Mind to further practice her writing and vent her introverted nature. 

Her first feature screenplay Solo London, was a top three finalist at the 2012 Euroscript Screenwriting Competition. Solo London explores the themes of loneliness and isolation in the city of London, through three parallel and interconnected character driven stories.

Currently in development, are two new feature screenplays: Porter and Parker, a female lead buddy movie in the tone of Sideways and Frances Ha; and Reunion, a feminist crime drama about a group of women taking control of their fate to escape the dire state the Greek financial crisis.

Other stories and screenplays in writing progress on Chryssanthi's slate include, a conceptual sci-fi drama set at a near future rehab facility for the brokenhearted, a romantic drama set in the fast passed world of a swingers club and a trilogy of arthouse short dramas exploring existentialism and mental health.

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