Chryssanthi Kouri

Director, Writer

What is The CK Studio?

The CK Studio is Chryssanthi's own creative atelier for filming and production. As a boutique production company The CK Studio can create short films, music videos, online content, brand and corporate videos, showreels and trailers. From initial conception to completion, Chryssanthi draws from her own resources and from a select group of collaborators to deliver beautiful and engaging films, using a focused, thoughtful and intuitive approach. Whether you are an individual, a company or an organisation, get in touch at the Contact page to find out what The CK Studio can do for you. 


Chryssanthi practices minimalism in her life and work. Multicoloured whizzing graphics, dizzying action sequences, CGI and special effects are not her thing. Subtle and effective visuals, aesthetic sensibility, emotional engagement, good taste and a personal touch is what you come to her for.