Chryssanthi Kouri

Director, Writer


Born in Greece, Chryssanthi now lives in London and works internationally. She studied media, culture and acting and cut her teeth in filmmaking by watching 1000s of films, working as a crew member on many productions and picking up a camera of her own. Chryssanthi directs both film and theatre. In theatre she specialises in new writing and has directed many long and short plays in various fringe venues in London. As an introvert she champions quiet leadership - and silence in general! She loves road trips, people watching, Prince and dessert. 

Chryssanthi advocates gender equality in the film and media industry.


“A very imaginative storyteller, she has simple yet intuitive ideas. She can interpret her ideas to visuals in a smooth and easy way that’s always fun to watch.” - Constantin Pilavios, director and producer
"Chryssanthi responded very well to my brief - we came up with a fantastic concept that fitted the song really well. It was bittersweet, thoughtful and very engaging - it had a great response from the viewers on You Tube. I couldn’t have wanted a better outcome for my video and I’m really pleased I’ve worked with her.” - Natasha Awuku, singer/songwriter
“The actors really love working with her, she’s really calm and easy to work with and very clear in the way she gives her direction.” - Lennie Varvarides, casting director and agent.
“I could not have asked for a better director for this piece (Life: Meaning Us) - as I think you shared my vision from day one - and I never felt like I had anything to worry about. Thank you so much for the work you put into rehearsals, and the development of the play - I could never have realised it without your brilliant insight and dedication. What a fantastic job you did - I thoroughly enjoyed every performance." - Melanie Hunter, writer
“I certainly enjoyed watching the piece in performance and you really managed to bring the text to life” - Timothy Jones, writer

Praise for 'Unrequited'

“Simple and complex, lyrical and accessible, beautifully put together - bravo!” - Ian Rickson, director
“Seeing your film and how well you executed it has given me a lot of inspiration to complete my project.” - David J Rosser, director
“The film itself doesn't try too hard - instead, it feels ‘real’. It’s simple, engaging and natural.”       - Melanie Hunter, writer
“I found myself holding my wife’s hand throughout the film.” -  Anonymous audience member